Dream Big!

456px-Ferdinand_Bol_-_Jacob's_Dream_-_WGA02362A while back, I had this dream.

In the dream, I was contacted by a writer friend of mine that one of her books had been chosen for publication. I was quite excited for her, especially when she told me that the book was about how inspired she was by my life. My name was even going to be in the subtitle of the book.

Great exposure! I thought. This will definitely get me closer to a publishing deal of my own!

And then she told me more about her book. You see, her book was about how she was inspired by the fact that I could function normally in society in spite of how mediocre I was at just about everything.

I didn’t know whether to be honored that she would be inspired by me, or offended by what she found inspirational.

And then I woke up.

What’s going on in there, subconscious?


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