The Year Our Christmas Tree Rescued Bigfoot

Baker Book House has Christmas decorations up in the store. And while die-hard Thanksgiving fans will decry the early jump on Christmas as one thing less to be thankful for, retail stores like Baker like to get into the Christmas spirit a bit earlier than the average Joe.

And so I happened upon one of my co-workers methodically removing lights from a pre-lit Christmas tree.

“Never get a pre-lit tree,” said she. “If one bulb goes out, you lose a quarter of lights on your tree.”

“My wife and I have a pre-lit tree,” I responded. “In fact, we have a dead section of lights on our tree. It happened the first Christmas that we had our dog. The bad news is that he got a bit of a shock and we lost a string of lights. The good news is that he hasn’t messed with any Christmas tree since then.”

“Sounds like a mixed blessing,” said my co-worker.

Artist's MS-Paint Rendering

Artist’s MS-Paint Rendering

“It worked out even better for our hamster, Bigfoot. Shortly after my dog learned to respect Christmas, Bigfoot escaped his cage while my wife and I were at work. We found him that night in the only safe place in the house: directly beneath the Christmas tree.”

And so I think of Bigfoot whenever we put up our tree. We fill in the bit of dark space with a string of lights and we thank the Lord all over again for the time that our dog got shocked.

Now we just have to find something less potentially lethal to get our toddler daughters to leave the tree alone.

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