Just Saying No to the Altar Call

My friend and fellow weakling, Bob Evenhouse, sent me this email the Monday before last:

If you are feeling like stretching those writing muscles. This might be a great opportunity. Deadline is today, I think I am going to try.

Happy writing.


Attached below this was a plea for articles from Catapult Magazine, a bi-weekly online magazine based in Michigan that releases thematically linked issues. The magazine was a bit shy of articles for their “Just Say No” prompt. It’s a great little magazine that you should probably be reading if you aren’t already.

Anyway, I decided to give the prompt some thought and write what came to mind. The phrase “Just Say No” is often associated with refusing to participate in risky behavior (drugs, sex, etc.), so I tried to think about some good things that I’ve turned down in the past. What I came up with was the article linked below.

Left Behind: The Existential Crisis of the Summer Camp Altar Call


Be sure to read the other articles too. Here’s the one that Bob submitted. I’d love to hear your thoughts back here once you’re done.

One thought on “Just Saying No to the Altar Call

  1. Amazingly enough Josh, I’ve been in a similar situation as an adult on a spiritual retreat in a camp setting. Ask me someday, I’ll tell you about it. Or maybe – just maybe – I find the courage to attempt to blog my reflections on it, now some 20+ years later.

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