Things for which I am ungrateful.


Here in the United States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. Last year, I did a rosy post about some things for which I am thankful. This year, I’m taking a different approach. This year, I’m going to talk about some of the things for which I am particularly ungrateful. If you want a happier/less complaining post, go read last year’s, because most of those things still apply.

I am ungrateful for snow and ice on the driveways and road. I’m fine with snow on my lawn. It covers up the leaves that I never got a chance to rake up. But on the roads and my driveway, it is unwelcome. Why can’t we install some kind of heating/drying element directly into roads and driveways that keeps this from happening? I’ve seen those videos about hydrophobic solutions that make it impossible to get clothes messy and wet. Why don’t we have that for roads?

I am ungrateful for sleepless nights. Though I love a good cup of coffee, I hate needing it to perform simple functions. There was a time when it was my children who were the main reason that my beauty sleep was interrupted, but now it is the dog’s fault. Perhaps he is aging and can’t go the whole night without a bathroom break, or perhaps he simply got in the habit of early morning wake up calls from when my wife or I would need to deal with screaming infants. Either way, it is too early and too cold outside to get out of bed. Learn to use the toilet, dog!

I am ungrateful for writer’s block. But since that isn’t a viable excuse for not writing, I am really ungrateful for my laziness and procrastination in writing my novels. Come on, me! Get with the program! You’ll never become a millionaire writer without getting your butt in the chair and typing out a masterpiece!

Lastly, I am ungrateful for ungratefulness. There are so many reasons to give thanks, why focus on the negatives?

Happy Thanksgiving, US citizens! Happy Random Thursday, everyone else!

One thought on “Things for which I am ungrateful.

  1. It is also the beginning of Hanukkah @ even tide. Our neighbors have a heated driveway. I’d be envious but it would be a sin. So I just don’t look at their driveway in the winter. Besides I know “the rest of the story” and they need the break. Someday maybe the option will be as affordable as salt-sand.

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