I am Father Christmas

This Christmas, my wife and I are on the ball. Here we are, just days after (American) Thanksgiving and we’re all decorated for Christmas! Sure we believe in a minimalist approach to Christmas decorations, but that is fitting with our minimalist approach to any decorating (we literally only have four pictures hanging on the wall in our entire house). But even though we don’t go overboard with our decorations, we do have a few decorating traditions.


First, we get a new ornament for ourselves. This ornament is usually cleverly disguised as a Lego set.


Second, we get a new ornament for each of our girls. This year, our eldest got an owl.


And our youngest got a blue penguin.


And after years of my mother-in-law asking where our nativity set was, last year we broke down and got one. It’s pretty high-brow.


Be careful Baby Jesus, someone is watching you behind the crèche.


And the blurry finale!

DSC01426Merry Christmas Blog Readers! May this season bring you happiness and stuff.

8 responses to “I am Father Christmas

  1. Back up the train, brother. You have FOUR PICTURES HANGING IN YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE??? This information disturbs me. I have 8 pictures hanging in my bathroom. Maybe 9. I know what you’re getting for Christmas/New Year’s/MLK Day.

  2. We also have few things hanging on walls. Most of which appeared and were processed to suit Daisy’s taste. I’ve only put up one thing in the last several years. (Your grandma Mosey’s shoe collection).

    Like the decorations looks great. Do you let the girls play with the nativity scene? And hey, baby Jesus should not be added until Christmas Kate evening. Just sayin….

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