I am festive.

The ugly sweater party was last night. My wife and I decided to make our own. This decision had three advantages over finding Christmas sweaters that were already ugly.

  1. We could make them into matching sweaters (because what couple doesn’t like wearing matching clothes?)
  2. Handcrafted items instill the wearer with happy, homemade goodness.
  3. They were incredibly cheap to make.

The sweaters photographed below were truly a varsity marriage team effort because my wife took an idea that I had and made it better. Then we both took time sewing (yes, I sew) them into Yuletide perfection. And in true holiday fashion, the results were less than our imaginations had set them up to be since we did not give ourselves enough time to finish them.

Anyway, here were the results.

DSC01437Isn’t my wife beautiful?

DSC01439I sewed on all the snowflakes. Yes. Those are supposed to be snowflakes.

DSC01436And best of all, all of the materials that we used to create our festive, ugly sweaters were found among clothes that we no longer wore and rags that we use to clean our bathroom. True story.

So, many thanks to those of you who offered to let me borrow a sweater. All in all, I’m glad that my wife and I made our sweaters together.

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