10 Ways to Tell If Your 3 Year Old Daughter is a Hipster


  1. She only eats locally-sourced vegan fruit snacks.
  2. She sings nursery rhymes off-key ironically.
  3. She doesn’t play house; she plays grad-school-barista-who-lives-with-her-parents.
  4. She starts hanging out with the bearded 3 year old boys at daycare.
  5. She won’t watch Sesame Street because it’s “too mainstream”.
  6. She has an affinity for vintage technology (Mom and Dad’s old cell phones).
  7. She often steals your black-rimmed glasses even though she has perfect eyesight.
  8. She initiates dance parties to her younger sister’s musical toys.
  9. She quotes Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, then insists that you’ve probably never heard of it.
  10. She defines fashion as skinny jeans, thrift-store shirts, and a hand-knit hat.

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