The Upside of Blizzards


I stayed home from work on Monday. I live along one of the busiest roads in the state, so normally I don’t have to worry about travel conditions. But when the snow plow doesn’t do the side roads, I’m just as stuck as the folks in the country. Thankfully, I have an understanding boss.

That time at home gave me some time to do things that I don’t often do. I blew the snow off the driveway a few times. I caught up on the weekend chores that didn’t get done. I assisted neighbors who tried to get out of our road only to find themselves stuck. And I thought.

I thought about how weather brings people together. In the cold face of the blizzard, neighbors become allies. The difference, I think, between man-made catastrophes like war and gun-related massacres and good old-fashioned bad weather like blizzards and hurricanes, is the opposition. Acts of God give people common ground in the effort to simply keep everyone alive. There is no room for argument over whether the blizzard is justified or whether we need greater snow regulation to keep snowballs out of the hands of criminals.

So why would a loving God make such inhuman conditions for people? Maybe He likes seeing us work together for a change. I don’t know.

It’s just a thought.


One thought on “The Upside of Blizzards

  1. Josh I think it is a good thought. I’ll just add another. Bringing people together would not have been necessary until after sin came into the world. So maybe the extremes are just the result of sin coming into a perfect creation making the whole world groan as a result. I do like your upside perspective that God can use anything he chooses to make good things happen.

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