I am an Axe Wielder


I did something today that I never thought I’d do. I took an axe to my house in an attempt to save it.

The other night, my daughter noticed a wet rug in her playroom. My knee-jerk reaction was to blame the dog. If only it were that simple. The rug was wet because the ceiling was dripping. We had a leak.

After apologizing to the dog, I ran upstairs to the attic access situated atop the playroom and assessed the situation (Can I just stop just a moment to congratulate myself on the use of access and assess in the same sentence? Pretty awesome.). There were icicles hanging from the corner of the roof nearest the roof’s edge inside the attic.

Like most Michiganders this year, we had an ice problem. I didn’t find out until today that the ice problem was a foot and a half thick at the roof’s edge. Ice that thick prevented snow from melting and dripping to the ground, as is typical. Instead, water and ice were forced backward through the shingles and into my attic (then through the ceiling and into my daughters’ playroom).

And so I called in some help from my in-laws. They brought a ladder, a roof rake, and an extra set of muscles. I borrowed a sledgehammer and an axe from my friendly neighbor, and we went to town on that ice.

I don’t know if you’ve ever stood at the top of a ladder and swung an axe at your house, but it is an oddly satisfying experience.

It took some time and the ice ripped off a few shingles in the process of dropping from the room, but the leak has stopped. I have a feeling that 2014 will be a good year for those in the roofing profession.

I guess the point of this post is that a home is more than just an investment or a place to live. It is that place at which you are most free to be yourself. It is the gathering place of your treasures. And when your home is threatened, it is incredibly satisfying to unleash some savage axe-swings in order to defend it.

Any future boyfriends of my daughters reading this post in order to find out more about the Mosey family, beware that I don’t value my home nearly as much as I value my family, and that I will use the same tools to defend them.


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