10 things to like about this horrible, neverending winter


I’m done with winter. If you are honest with yourself, you probably are too. But winter is being a cold [expletive] and long overstaying its welcome.

But since there is precious little we can do about it, here are ten things to like about this winter:

  1. dog_w_snowmanYou can make as many snowmen as you want. At no other time in the year is this an option. You are limited only by your receptiveness to frostbite.
  2. You never have to run out of ice for beverages. It is everywhere you look. Just take a hatchet and get some.
  3. Is your freezer broken? Nature’s isn’t.
  4. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures makes hot cocoa, tea, and coffee taste a billion times better.
  5. You have a valid reason for being late to anything.
  6. When is the next time you need to mow your lawn? Not for months and months.
  7. Get plenty of exercise shoveling snow. You know, if you like exercise, that is.
  8. You can save a bundle on air conditioning bills (let’s just forget about the heating bills for the moment).
  9. Introverts have the perfect excuse to not leave their homes.
  10. You can add a plow to any vehicle you own and make as much money as you can handle.

There you go. That’s all I’ve got.

Hopefully we’ll all make it through this to complain about the rainy spring and summer that will be too hot.

(Can you imagine a summer that is too hot right now? Me neither.)


4 responses to “10 things to like about this horrible, neverending winter

  1. Josh I love all your reasons. #9 is my favorite. Hear are a few of mine:

    11. You can sit in front of a cozy fire in the fireplace, read a book, and not feel lazy because the weather is too bad to run errands or go grocery shopping.
    12. You can enjoy soup to your hearts’ content. It tastes better in winter.
    13. You don’t have to wash the car as often. (It freezes the doors shut – bad idea)
    14. The dog lets you shorter walks because it is cold too.
    15. No one complains it is cold when it is only 50 degrees, whereas in the fall they do.
    16. You can play in the snow, make angels, forts and have snow ball fights with your friends or family, and usually nobody gets too mad.
    17. No need to weed *anything** yeah!
    18. For those of us with seasonal allergies, it is easier to breathe.
    19. For those of us with insect sting allergies, we fear no bees in winter.
    20. If you have a vacant store, big parking lot, and a little extra gas $, you can make donuts just because it’s silly and you both google – a lot.
    That’s it.

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