Blogging Basics


First, the caveat. I am not qualified to give advice.

As soon as someone gives advice, they open themselves to critique. What experience does he have? Why should I listen to him? Etc.

So this is not advice. These are just things that may or may not be helpful as you try to navigate the world of blogging. Do what you want with them.

Now that that is out-of-the-way, at some point in my relatively short blogging career, I started getting questions from would-be bloggers. Friends and family with whom I am Facebook friends notice that I post something new everyday, so naturally, I must be an authority on blogging. I’m not. I just do it. But since doing it is probably what makes you an authority, I’m going to try to answer their questions here.

Where should I start my blog?

There are probably a lot of places that host blogs for free, but I only have experience with two: Blogspot and WordPress. I chose to start my blog at WordPress. Why? Because bloggers that I knew told me that it was better, and now that I’ve been using it a while, I can tell you that it is very easy to use.

How often should I write on my blog?

This might be a trick question. If you are trying to develop your career as a writer of novels, perhaps a blog will only steal your time and creative energy and you should avoid it like a rabid badger. If you want your blog to be your creative outlet and you want people to actually read it, you should blog everyday. But really, the most important thing is that, however often you post, you do it consistently and you post something worthwhile.

What should I write about?

It doesn’t really matter what topic you choose to write about. There’s a reader for every topic. But I would urge you to write about things for which you have a passion. If you bore yourself with your own writing, you will bore everyone. If your writing energizes you, your passion will come through. Yes, this even works on autobiographical blogs, narcissistic though they are (ahem, Josh Mosey). Also, if you are having trouble thinking of something to write, pick a thing from this convenient list.

How do I get readers to my blog?

Post links on your Facebook page. Read and comment on other blogs. Above all else, write content worth reading and be patient. If people are willing to give you a few moments of their time, don’t squander it with bad content. They’ll be back and they’ll tell their friends about you.

Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be fine. Good luck!


One thought on “Blogging Basics

  1. I was reviewing my blog the other day and lamenting a fall drop in participation. I’ve even gone back through old posts to see what was drawing people in two years ago. Still working on that.

    Meanwhile, I agree! Blogging every day (while not for me) is a great way to drive engagement and share what you want to say, but consistency and posts work reading are also important.

    Heh, who says you’re not an authority? 😉

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