I am married to an accountant, and I think it’s rubbing off.


We’re having this fantastic sale at Baker Book House on just about everything in our gift department. The entire department is 30% off, and there are a few tables of stuff that are 50% off.

When things are that good of a deal, it’s just dumb not to peruse the selection. And even though I’m against Christian-esque gift stuff as a rule, even I found a mug worth owning. It looks just like a disposable paper coffee cup, only it is reusable plastic or glass or something. The best thing? No trite verse inclusions (something of a pet peeve of mine, which is unfortunate since I work in a Christian bookstore and those things surround me daily).

So as I put out the signs for the sale, one of my coworkers asked me if I saw anything I liked. I told them about the mug, but quickly added it up with, “But I already have plenty of mugs at home.”

“But it is a good deal,” they countered.

“Yeah, but if I took the $6 that the mug would cost me and put it toward the principle on my mortgage, then compounded that over the next fifteen years, do you know how much money I could save by not buying that mug?”

What just came out of my mouth? It turns out that my accountant wife is rubbing off on me. The bachelor me would never have thought twice about plunking some money down on something that I wanted, as long as I had the money in the bank. I wasn’t irresponsible or anything. I always made sure that my bills were paid and I never bought more than I could afford, but I didn’t exactly hold back or put money in the bank to save for the nebulous future.

But now? Totally. I’m all about paying down the mortgage.

So if you are looking for a cool mug and not worried about things like debt or compounded interest, there’s a lot of great stuff on sale at Baker Book House.

Hmmm, I just realized that this post may actually discourage some of you from spending money at Baker Book House, and my bosses sometimes read this blog. So let me say this. If you need mugs or have anyone that you’ll be buying gifts for soon, you are going to be spending the money anyway. Why not spend it where it’ll go farther? Seriously, we have a bunch of stuff at great sale prices.

How was that, boss?

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