On the Origin of Yessup


So, I guess this is a real thing, but only in Peru.

Normally, my word origin posts are about real words, and let’s face it, “yessup” isn’t a real word. In truth, it is a word that my three-year-old daughter has been saying lately instead of “yes”.

And it’s been driving my wife and I a bit crazy.

“Are you finished with your dinner?” we ask.

“Yessup!” she says.

“It’s just ‘yes’,” we say.

“Why did I say ‘yessup’?” she asks.

“We don’t know,” we say. “Why did you?”

“I love you to the moon and back!” she says, changing the subject.

Anyway, the other day, my wife finally got her to stop saying “yessup”. And to do it, she used the Bible, of all things.

“Are you ready for your bath?” asks my wife.

“Yessup!” says my daughter.

“You know,” says my wife, “the Bible says to let your yes be yes and your no be no. Let’s just say yes or no from now on, not ‘yessup’, okay?”

“Yes,” says my daughter.

And that was that.

Sure, we pulled that verse way out of context, but when the Word of God goes out, it doesn’t return void, right?

Anyway, now we hear her quoting that “yes be yes” thing at random times to random people, but for the moment it is cuter than it is annoying, so we’ll just deal with that later. Maybe we’ll take some other portion of the Bible out of context to fix it. Man, what a vicious cycle!


One response to “On the Origin of Yessup

  1. I think at her age & level of 3 year old spiritual maturity it was quite in context. Great job to your wife. Smiles upon your cutie pie’s creative self.

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