Paid to Read Books


Picture a world before iPods, radio, or television. Now picture yourself, working in a factory, doing the same mind-numbing task over and over until either your fingers get mangled in a machine or you go insane from the repetition with no podcasts, music, or audio books to entertain you. Now stop picturing that because it is really depressing.

Perhaps most depressing of all is that the world you just pictured was our world and it really happened that way. And that is why there were lectors.

hanniballecterWhereas Hannibal Lecter entertained himself by feeding on brains, historical lectors would feed people’s brains with entertainment. It was their job to read books, newspapers and magazines aloud to the people in factories.

Can you imagine a better job than getting paid to read books to people? That would be heaven. Or it would be if you weren’t also stuck in a time before regular bathing and modern deodorants.


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