5 Life Lessons from Bruce Willis


One this day in 1955, Bruce Willis entered the world in the normal way, guns blazing. Yippee Ki Yay!

And so, on this day, I’d like to look at a few of the lesser known details of Bruce’s life and share a few things that I think we can learn from him.

young_bruce_willisHe had a stutter as a kid. Do you know how he overcame that stutter? By acting on stage. As he grew more confident through his acting, he lost the stutter. I don’t know about you, but if I had a stutter, the last place you’d find me would be in front of a group of people who were there to hear me speak.

Lesson #1 – Do the hard things.

He was nicknamed Buck Buck by the other kids in school. I’m guessing it was related to the stutter, but Buck Buck is a tough name to take. It certainly wouldn’t give me any reasons to call attention to myself by trying out for the school plays and musicals.

Lesson #2 – Ignore mean people.

BruceWillis_-_ReturnOfBrunoHe had a song hit #2 on the British Top 40. It was from his album, The Return of Bruno, and was a remake of the Drifter’s classic, “Under the Boardwalk.” For those of you who have only ever known Bruce Willis to be an actor in action films, it may surprise you that the man can sing. Well, he can.

Lesson #3 – Surprise people.

Bruce_Willis_-_1987Before playing one on Moonlighting, he worked as a real private eye. Moonlighting, of course, was the television show on which Willis won an Emmy for Best Actor. Why was he a good actor for this role? In addition to his obvious acting abilities, he had experience.

Lesson #4 – Learn from your past experiences.

He has modeled jeans, acted on stage, television, and film, and recorded music albums. Before looking up his extensive career, I never would have thought of Bruce Willis as a renaissance man. He totally is though. And while he may not be recording many albums now or modeling jeans for Levi anymore, he wasn’t afraid to try something new to further his career.

Lesson #5 – Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Happy Birthday Bruce! May you continue to try new things and see success in efforts.

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