I am a Disney Princess.

Over the weekend, my family watched more Disney princess movies than we’ve ever seen as a family before. Specifically, we watched two Disney princess movies: Frozen and Brave.

That’s two movies with three princesses between them. And for my wife and I, it was an act of true love to even be willing to borrow the movies (we got one from the library and one from some friends) to watch with the girls.

First, we are not a Disney family. The happiest place on earth for us is probably the library or a good bookstore, not a Califloridan theme park. We don’t follow Disney films, watch the Disney channel, or buy Disney princess gear for our girls. The Disney corporation has the science of loosening wallets a little too perfected for my liking.

Second, the idea of encouraging our girls to be princesses like Snow White or Cinderella is disturbing to us as parents. I am of the impression that these characters rely too heavily on outside forces (usually in the form of handsome princes) rather than their own ingenuity or skill. And I don’t want to raise girls who are always looking for Mr. Right, when they should be focusing on being Ms. Right, whether or not they are destined for marriage.

And so, it was with trepidation that we watched these more modern Disney princess films. Thus was I surprised to see Disney princesses worth watching.

you_cant_marryFrozen is essentially a tale of sisterhood that teaches kids to love their family and not shut each other out. Having a pair of girls myself, I’m all about teaching them to appreciate each other. Though the songs in the film did not add to the watching experience (again, my opinion only, don’t crucify me), I genuinely enjoyed watching it with my girls. Plus, Olaf the snowman is a hoot.

Brave had the advantage of being a Pixar film (I realize I’m probably a hypocrite for having a soft spot for Pixar when they are firmly in the Disney family), so I was not as opposed to it as I was about Frozen. Plus, having been proved wrong about Frozen, I was willing to thaw a bit toward the possibility that all princess films were tripe. The storyline in Brave centered on the mother/daughter relationship and a situation where the daughter’s hand in marriage is on the line, regardless to the fact that the daughter doesn’t wish to be married. Oh, with Scottish accents.

So, I guess I could be considered a convert. If my girls want to become princesses like Merida from Brave, or Anna or Elsa from Frozen, so be it. With regard to my general abhorrence of all things Disney princess, it is time for me to let it go.

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