21 Inexpensive Ideas to Fill an Easter Basket Without Candy

My wife and I were musing the other day about Easter baskets for our girls. Our oldest is three and is able to appreciate the idea of an Easter basket. And if we do a basket for the eldest, we should do one for the youngest (almost two) as well. But after a few disastrous experiments with Halloween candy, neither of us relish the idea of packing their Easter baskets full of candy. And since all the grocery stores seem to sell are bunny-themed diabetic starter kits, I started looking around for other basket fillers.

I didn’t have to look far though. My bookstore, Baker Book House, has at least twenty different things that would be perfect for parents concerned about their kids’ sugar intakes. And so, here’s the list:

  1. dimplesbooks
  2. stuffed animals
  3. bouncy balls
  4. bubble mix
  5. puzzles
  6. card games
  7. activity/coloring books
  8. coloring supplies
  9. rubber stamps
  10. sidewalk chalk
  11. movies
  12. an_easter_carolCDs
  13. toy cars
  14. stickers
  15. pinwheels
  16. play dough
  17. bracelets
  18. hair accessories
  19. a slinky
  20. bath toys
  21. trip coupons (ex. carousel ride at the mall, a library or bookstore, etc.)

I’ve spoken with management and we’re going to put together a few pre-packed Easter baskets filled with stuff from this list. So if you don’t have time to do hunt for all these items yourself, swing by Baker Book House and pick up one of the pre-made baskets. Otherwise, you can pick from these ideas to supplement a basket of your own design.

Do you have any ideas to add to the list?

2 thoughts on “21 Inexpensive Ideas to Fill an Easter Basket Without Candy

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