I am a home builder.

The weather in Michigan has been deceptively warm of late. And so, drawn in by the lies of sun and shooting buds, my wife and I have adjusted our garage for change of seasons. While I was off at a writer’s conference over the weekend, my wife swapped the snow-blower for the mower in the corner spot, traded snow-shovels for rakes, and swept out the detritus of winter from the garage floor. So while she did all the hard work by herself, she saved the final (and only fun) adjustment for me.

The official change of seasons at the Mosey household does not happen until we pull out the Super-Prize.

The Super-Prize is the name of our daughters’ outdoor Little Tikes playhouse. It got this name at this time last year when we told our oldest that we had a “surprise” for her outside.

“A Super-Prize?” she asked. And the name stuck.

Anyway, my wife thought to grab the camera when the Super-Prize was almost complete, so forgive the sad showing of the work in progress and focus instead on the adorable girls in the pictures.

Also, when I said that the weather in Michigan was deceptive, I wasn’t kidding. I just looked at the forecast for the next couple of days and somehow snow has crept back in. Grrrr.

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