The Reading List After a Writers Conference

ffw-logo-shadowI recently had the good fortune to attend Calvin College’s Festival of Faith & Writing, a three-day conference that draws thousands of writers from all over the world. They always have a great line-up of speakers and I am super glad that I was able to go (Thank you Baker Publishing Group!).

One of the things that I have learned by attending writers conferences is that writers tend to talk about specific books and authors as though every good writer has read them. If reading these books is a prerequisite to being a good writer, I’ve got some reading to do.

Here’s that list:

And then there are the books that are either written by the speakers or recommended by the speakers. I have a feeling that writers would do well to read these too:

bird_by_birdAs you can see, it is quite a reading list. At the very least, I should probably read Bird by Bird and something by Flannery O’Connor lest they kick me out of the next writers conference I attend. We’ll see about the rest.

Have you read anything on this list that you’d put at the top of my stack?

Do you think I’m missing a book?


5 responses to “The Reading List After a Writers Conference

  1. The Giver is an awesome story. I bought ‘Idiot Psalms’ after Scott Cairns session and have really been enjoying it. Looks like you’ve got a lot of reading to do!

  2. I was at this conference too! So fantastic and I always feel like I am a faker specifically b/c I have never read Flannery O’Conner!! I did read Bird by Bird (and it is fantastic) but only finished it a few days before the conference.

  3. I got Bird by Bird out of the library, then halfway through the book I returned it and marched right into Barnes and Noble to buy my own copy. She talks on and on about sh**ty first drafts and that’s the encouragement I summon to keep going some days. You’ll love it.

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