100 Word Challenge | Emerald

The boys were ants beneath a magnifying glass.

“We could go swimming,” suggested Jake halfheartedly. Gangster’s Pond, as everyone in town called it, was somewhere between emeralds and pea soup. It was almost inviting on a day like today.

“You kidding?” spat Troy. ” The pond stinks like goose turds and rotting fish. Plus, you know there are bodies on the bottom, right?”

That was the legend anyway, a relic from when a home near the pond actually housed a bootlegger.

“Dare ya,” smirked Jake.

“Fine,” said Troy, who shed his shorts, jumped in, and stubbed his toe on a cash-filled suitcase.




5 responses to “100 Word Challenge | Emerald

  1. Your story made me think of a local lake…as teenagers we always joked about their being dead bodies underneath it. This story was cute with a feel good ending. If only it would happen to me!

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  3. The description of the pond made me queasy. My apprehension of what lurks under surfaces in murky ponds is a well developed childhood fear. I enjoyed the unexpected ending. The foreshadowing had me going in another direction.

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