An Appeal to the Residents of Greenland

I finally saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with my wife over the weekend. I really liked it, even though it had very little in common with the source material.

Anyway, there’s a part in the movie where the titular character has to go to Greenland. That part of the movie got me thinking about the things that I know about Greenland:

  • It was home (briefly) to Erik the Red and his world-traveling son, Leif, after they were exiled from their homeland for being too good at being vikings.
  • The name is public relations deception to trick people into visiting since it most ice and snow and not green.
  • It was featured in the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
  • And no one in Greenland has ever read my blog.

It’s that last point that makes me sad. It isn’t that I feel personally snubbed by the fact that none of the countries’ eight residents have found me. The sadness comes from the fact that my lifetime world map of blog readership would seem so much more filled in if someone, even just one person, from Greenland clicked on my blog. Due to the nature of spreading a round globe onto a rectangular map, Greenland looks huge!

Coat_of_arms_of_Greenland_svgSo, here’s my plea:

Residents of Greenland,

You have a cool country, at least from what I’ve seen in the movies. And your Coat of Arms is honestly one of the most awesome things in existence. I know that you don’t need to read my blog in order to feel fulfilled. You have your ice and snow and lies of green landscapes and cool viking history for that. But I believe that I can offer you something that other blogs don’t: the rambling thoughts of a would-be author based in a Midwestern US town where you can escape from the mental tortures of constant polar bear and northern light-related attacks. Sounds good, right?

And for the non-English speakers among you: (translated by Google)

Beboere i Grønland,

Du har en cool land, i hvert fald fra hvad jeg har set i film. Og din Coat of Arms er ærligt en af ​​de mest awesome ting i eksistens. Jeg ved, at du ikke behøver at læse min blog for at føle sig opfyldt. Du har din is og sne og løgne af grønne landskaber og kølig viking historie for det. Men jeg tror, ​​at jeg kan tilbyde dig noget, som andre blogs ikke: vidtløftige tanker om en vordende forfatter baseret en midtvestlige USA by, hvor du kan slippe væk fra de mentale tortur af konstant isbjørn og nordlige lys-relaterede angreb. Lyder godt, ikke?

Let’s all hope this works. If you have friends in Greenland, let them know that I would love their readership.


2 responses to “An Appeal to the Residents of Greenland

  1. I actually live in Greenland, born and raised here.
    This movie was filmed in Iceland, haven’t seen the movie, only the trailer which is linked here.
    Just like the Animal Planet series ‘Ice Cold Gold’ this movie isn’t much about the real Greenland i Know, well Yes actually 80% is covered by ice, but the rest of the coast, these 20% is the size of Germany, and in the southern part, below the Polar circle, theres farming going on, potatoes, salads etc. is grown and sheeps and cows are livestocks.
    If yoy actually are the real life Walter Mitty, you should come visit this beautiful island, specially now, where spring has arrived and in the summertime, the arctic sun never sets.
    Well heres an article that sums up most part of your questions, and i guess you have the wrong picture of Greenland, it’s much more than these movieshots from Iceland.
    But thanks for your keen interest, in fact mostly every world citizen i’ve met during my travels, all seem to think that Greenlan is a vast chunk of ice, but theres lots more.
    have a nice day.

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