I am wary of my daughter’s non sequiturs


A non sequitur is a statement that has little or no relevance to the words or discussion immediately prior to its inclusion.The Latin root, literally means “it does not follow”. And my daughter loves using them.

The trouble with being a parent to a child who loves spouting whatever comes into her head, is that you are never prepared for whatever verbal bomb she may drop into an otherwise unremarkable conversation with friends or acquaintances.

For example, we just attended an outdoor barbecue where she loudly announced, “Sometimes, my grandma’s toenails are…”

And then there was this awkward pause while we all considered the possible endings to that sentence.

“painted” she finished.

“That could have been worse,” said our host. “I was afraid for a moment that I was going to have to explain the world of foot fungus to your daughter.”

Usually, her non sequiturs are pretty tame, but I’m just waiting for the one that isn’t. Being a parent is fun.

2 thoughts on “I am wary of my daughter’s non sequiturs

  1. Rest assured they will change over time, rather like a visit to an ER for incredible abdominal pain: “it will either worsen ‘if it’s serious’ or it will self-resolve with time”, as the Dr’s always say. How’s that for a non-sequitur example?

  2. They are so hilarious! My son said to me, excited, “Mom we’re being Jesus and this trash can is our tomb!” You know the big garage trash can that you take to the curb… I just laughed.

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