Friday 5 | Click-worthy Links

Wireless Computer Mouse with Wheel

Here are 5 more places online worth checking out:

  1. Amazon is going to war against publishers, which is good for consumers, but bad for readers. Aren’t they the same thing? Yes and no. Consumers want the best price for everything. Readers want to be able to get new books from their favorite authors. But if publishers and authors cannot afford to put out new books, there will be nothing left for readers to consume. Here’s an excellent article about what’s going on right now.
  2. In case you haven’t heard, Great Britain is pulling some American classics from their school curriculum lists, including one of my all-time favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird.
  3. Kickstarter campaign to bring back Reading Rainbow!
  4. Here’s a list of 17 Bookstores to visit in Australia. Notice how many of them feature used books. But if you aren’t Down Under, maybe stop by Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
  5. And a bit of fun – “A Day in the Life of Everyday Astronaut”


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