12 Things That Are Deeply Satisfying


Life can be chaotic, especially life with small children. So you have to embrace the moments of pure contentment when they arise. If you are in need of one of those moments, consider the ones I list below. I cannot fathom experiencing any of these and not feeling a deep satisfaction within my being.

  1. Finally going pee after you’ve been holding it for a really long time.
  2. Drinking really cold (almost frozen) water when you are thirsty.
  3. Reading.
  4. Drinking hot chai tea on a cool morning.
  5. Cleaning a very dirty toilet.
  6. Floating in a pool on a sunny day with your eyes closed.
  7. Making a small child laugh.
  8. Realizing that the kids are finally asleep.
  9. Savoring a Lindt Truffle.
  10. Splitting a log with an axe.
  11. Peeling dried glue off your fingers.
  12. Removing the protective film that comes on new electronics.

What things give you an overwhelming sense of peace?


3 responses to “12 Things That Are Deeply Satisfying

  1. Agree with all you list, but I am not a huge fan of super cold water. Big glass of infused water absolutely.
    I would add #13. Doing all the extra work to have a *hyper* clean kitchen.

    14. Getting the taxes done early.

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