2014 Summer Reading Programs for Kids

I love summer. I love reading. And I love my kids.

If you love those things too, check out what your local bookstores and libraries are doing for summer reading programs this year. Here’s the rundown on the programs around Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Baker Book House’s summer reading program is called “Between the Lines” and it follows a baseball theme. Kids get rewarded based on the amount of time they have their noses in books this summer.


This is a bit of a departure from previous years, where kids were rewarded based on the number of books they read, but we got a lot of complaints from parents of gifted kids who felt like they were being punished for picking thicker books that took longer to read.

So this year, if a kid reads for a total of 20 hours by August 23rd, they can earn up to $10 (twice as much as last year) to spend at Baker Book House.

In addition to the overall reward, kids can participate in the weekly challenges and be entered to win tickets to a West Michigan Whitecaps game, AJ’s Family Fun Center, or John Ball Zoo. They just need to do the challenge, have their parents sign off on it, and drop the signed form into a bucket at the store each week in order to enter.

IgniteOrangeThe Kent District Library’s summer reading program is called “Ignite Happiness” and is a little less structured. Kids are again rewarded based on the time they spend doing reading (and reading-related) activities, but there isn’t a set amount of time that kids must read. There are also separate programs for teens and preschoolers, which track the rewards a little differently.

The rewards for the library’s program aren’t clearly stated in the materials that I got, but I’m sure they are good nonetheless.

Best of all, you can participate in both summer reading programs and get double the rewards for reading the same amount of books!

So get out there and sign up today!


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