I am the man with the plan (and sometimes that gets me into trouble).

Wild-Chef1A few weeks ago, my wife and I went on a BioLife date. First, we were going to have a nice lunch at Wild Chef, followed by a moneymaking visit to BioLife (plasma donation). It was all going swimmingly until we got to the restaurant and it was closed. Like, shut down completely.

We had a coupon and everything! And they had the audacity to no longer be in business! Inconsiderate punks!

Now we had appointments for specific times at BioLife, empty bellies, and no Plan B for lunch.

I went into survival mode. I just started driving and pointing out restaurants left and right. But nothing sounded as good as the awesome hibachi experience that was Wild Chef (RIP). After much debating, my wife and I agreed to go to Panera Bread so we could still make our appointments.

And then I saw it! Just past the Panera Bread was a sign for the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet. I could still salvage our date! After all, this place had hibachi right in the title! I was already envisioning my wife kissing me and saying how smart and handsome I was for finding such a marvelous restaurant after we had been so rudely let down by Wild Chef.

So I drove past Panera Bread.

“What are you doing?” asked my wife.

“I just noticed a sign,” I said. “Trust me.”

And we walked in to what was clearly not a hibachi place but was entirely an all you can eat buffet. We were seated and told that we could go up to the buffet. So we got up, but instead of heading off to pile our plates high with low-quality, mass-produced, Asian-inspired foodstuffs, we left.

What followed was a good discussion in the car about how I was trying to fix things without actually listening to what my wife needed. I was making a big deal over where we were going to eat instead of focusing on my wife and the time that we had together. I was formulating plans on my own to save our original date idea, but what I needed to do was abandon my plans and communicate with my wife.

So after we talked, we went to Panera Bread, had a lovely lunch, and finished in plenty of time to donate plasma.

Fast forward to last night. My wife’s sister, a teacher/photographer who is home from North Carolina for a few weeks, was doing some family pictures for us. Since my wife and I were already dressed up, we decided to leave our kids with their aunt after the photo shoot and go off to a nice dinner at Johnny Carino’s.

Somehow, we are the kiss of death for restaurants as of late, because when we pulled into the parking lot for Carino’s, we discovered Fajita Republic Cantina instead of the Italian place we had in mind.

But I’m learning. Because rather than just driving off to some all-you-can-eat Italian food buffet, I stopped to talk to my wife. Together, we decided on a nearby place (Twisted Rooster) and we had a great time.

Have you ever made a Plan B without talking it over? Am I the only one? What’s your story?


One response to “I am the man with the plan (and sometimes that gets me into trouble).

  1. I’m interested in your “all-you-can-eat Italian food buffet” and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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