Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

447px-Tesla_circa_1890Today is Nikola Tesla’s birthday. He would have been 158 years old today. But he died in 1943 (or so he would have us believe).

If you don’t know who Tesla is, he’s the handsome chap in the photo and he was an inventor. In fact, there’s an 99% chance that you have interacted with one of his inventions within the last three minutes. And even though I just pulled that figure out of my posterior, it’s probably true.

Best known for his work with Alternating Current (as opposed to Direct Current), Tesla also made breakthroughs in x-rays, radio, and even a death ray weapon. Seriously.

Given his contributions to science and his understanding of technology decades in advance of its realization, I think it is entirely likely that Tesla is out there somewhere right now and that his “death” was a ruse.

But honestly, I could never do as good of a job of telling you who Tesla was as this comic created by The Oatmeal. For those sensitive to foul language, browse with care.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

  1. Tesla is one of those geniuses that nobody knows about but it’s hard to imagine our current world without him. He had a falling out with Edison after working for him and was later in direct competition with him.

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