I am on a reading binge.

books towerI have been devouring books as of late. Not literally, because although that would be some great fiber for my diet, it would also be expensive and a perfect waste of a good book. No, I’ve just been reading a lot of books.

In fact, I’m having trouble keeping up with my book reviews. I just get excited about reading the next book before I write about the book I just read. It probably doesn’t help that some of the books I’ve been reading have been graphic novels, which pack the essence of a full story into an afternoon-sized reading time.

All that to say that I’ve read some really good books lately, and I would be remiss if I did not share the fact that they are all worthy of reading. So I’ll see what I can do this week about catching up on these reviews.

But if I fall short in that goal, understand that while my intentions are good, I may just have succumbed to the lure of another excellent book.

I’m only human.


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