I am a Character.

I was in most of the plays and musicals during my junior and senior years of high school. So, in case I wasn’t nerdy enough by being in every band class we had, there’s always that.

Anyway, after the final performance of each stage production, we always had a cast party. One of the fun bits at the cast party was doing improvisational acting games. “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” was popular on television back then and we stole a lot of ideas from there.

the-cw-resurrects-whose-line-is-it-anywayIn one of those games, contestants pulled a character from a hat and the moderator gave them a situation to act out. The goal was to act in such a way that others could guess who or what your character was. The character suggestions were mostly made up of famous people (like Elvis or Michael Jackson or President Bill Clinton) or specific vocations (Garbage Collector or Mechanic or a Mischievous Gargoyle at the Top of Notre Dame Cathedral Who Keeps Coming Alive to Cause Trouble).

And then there was me. Someone had written my name as one of the characters to be acted out.

And the person who pulled my name, the person who had to act out “Josh Mosey” had their character guessed within thirty seconds of acting. I had no idea that I was so idiosyncratic.

I still don’t know whether I should be honored or offended that I was a character. I also wonder whether time has smoothed my edges and made me more like the rest of society or whether I would still be a recognizable character for someone to pull out of a hat. And if I am still a character, would the actions that a person would do to imitate me be good ones or annoying ones?

Have you ever wanted someone to act like you? How would they act? What would they say?


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