Book Review | Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Once I got rolling on the book reviews, I’m having trouble stopping. Forgive me.

9780375714573I picked up Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis recently on the recommendation of various graphic novelists whom I admire. I knew nothing of the plot previous to my reading, so I was once again pleasantly thrust into an unknown world. The world of Persepolis is our own, albeit part of the world where my ignorance reigns supreme.

Set in and among the Iran’s Islamic Revolution, we join the author on an autobiographical journey of her childhood. By reading Satrapi’s tale, I have discovered that the Iran of today is far removed from the Iran of yesteryear, which bore more resemblance to America’s hippie years than anything else. Yet today, the Iran of the current affairs and news stories is one marked by nuclear scandals and Islamic terrorist threats. How could such drastic change happen within one lifetime?

Satrapi brings sensitivity and even humor into the darkest places as she recounts her family’s struggles and heartaches in Iran. She helped me understand America’s role in the Islamic Revolution, how in many ways, we are responsible for the threats we now face.

Persepolis is a quick read, but one that stays with you long after the reading. And I would encourage anyone who wishes to be more conversant with the events of the Middle East to pick up a copy and learn from it.

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