100 Word Challenge | Do You Have To Make That Noise?

Sheila was crying again.

As her cubicle mate of two years, Jon was sick of it. Sheila was a terminally shy soul, a human doormat, apt to crying jags.

“Sheila,” he said over her sniffles. “Do you have to make that noise? I know that you are going through some nasty stuff right now. Between your boyfriend breaking things off and Jackie from sales being a witch to you, I get it.”

Her crying was louder now, forcing Jon to raise his voice.

“If you want things to change, you’ve got to speak up!”

“Jon,” sobbed Shelia. “Your chair is on my toe!”

“Oh,” said Jon. “Sorry.”



5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge | Do You Have To Make That Noise?

  1. He has told her several times that he doesn’t love her anymore. He’s too good for her, he said. Why couldn’t she accept it? Twenty-three years, she thought. She gave up her career and parents for him. She just wanted him to love her again. Instead he hated her, and told her so every day. She looked at the winning P35M lottery ticket again, and at her husband who was drunk and asleep. She knew he’d leave her if he found out he has won. A fate worse than death! She placed the ticket in her mouth, and chewed heartily.

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