I am Handsome.

My wife was talking to our girls about names. We don’t want our kids to call us by our names or anything, but it might be handy if we ever got separated and some authority figure asked them for the information.

“Do you know what Mommy’s name is?”asked my wife.

“Is it ‘Mommy’?”asked my oldest daughter.

“Nope,” said my wife. “That’s what you call me. It’s a title that only you and your sister get to call me. My name is DeAnne. That’s what other people call me.”

“Oh,” said my daughter.

“Do you know what Daddy’s name is?” asked my wife.

“Is it ‘Daddy'”?” asked my daughter.

“Nope,” said my wife. “That’s what you get to call him because he’s your dad.”

“Is it ‘Handsome’?” she asked.

My wife chuckled.

“Nope,” she said. “That’s just what Mommy calls him. That’s not his name. Other people call him ‘Josh’.”

This snapshot of life in the Mosey household is brought to you by Dapper Dan Men’s Pomade.



2 thoughts on “I am Handsome.

  1. So cute. Make sure thy know your number too. Better yet give them a business card to keep in their pocket in case you’re ever separated.

    Dana Guidera Author of Twenty- Two Poems from Life

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