Being normal is cool. *Superhero Edition*

Yesterday, I talked about how people like actors and actresses who are just as lazy and hungry as we are. Today, I’d like to cover a superhero version of the discussion.

Comic_Art_-_Batman_by_Jim_Lee_(2002)Ask anyone in the world who the top three superheroes are and you are likely to have Batman listed (along Superman and Josh Mosey). But aside from his genius intellect and deep wallet, Batman is just a normal guy. He has no superpowers. Everything he does, he is able to do thanks to technology and sheer grit. But everyone knows Batman, so I probably didn’t even need to mention him.

250px-NickfuryshieldLet’s talk about my very favorite superhero for a moment: Nick Fury. I’m tempted to make a t-shirt that says “I liked Nick Fury when he was white” but that would probably come off as more racist and less hipster than I would intend. The truth is that until Samuel L. Jackson became the new face of Nick Fury, the Colonel was traditionally portrayed as a white guy with brown hair (with streaks of white at his temples), though both of them have a cigar in their mouths at all times, so that’s okay.

Before Fury emerged as the beautiful black butterfly who orders other superheroes around, he was a soldier and master spy, closer to James Bond than the character than… well… Samuel L. Jackson (I say this because Jackson seems to play pretty much the same type of character in every film in which I’ve seen him). Anyway, Nick Fury technically does have one power, given to him by something called the Infinity Serum: he ages really slowly, enabling him to have been around since WWI and ensuring that he’ll be around for whatever the next big conflict is.

macgyverSo maybe Fury is a bit of a cheat (given the slow aging thing). Let’s get to a superhero that stands independent from DC and Marvel altogether. I think we can all agree that MacGyver belongs on this list. The man was a secret agent scientist who could do inhuman things with duct tape and a Swiss army knife. You can’t tell me that he wasn’t a superhero. And that mullet! I’m fairly certain that if MacGyver had to have a vulnerability, it would have been scissors, which is kind of strange, since I think most Swiss army knives have little scissors on them.

Anyway, the beautiful thing about these three examples is that they are all normal people, more or less. Sure, they’ve been given superhero status, but all of them could exist in our world as real people. Perhaps they already do. Or perhaps you could become one of them. Maybe even all of them. That would be one kick-butt superhero.

So get out there and be a superhero today! You don’t need superpowers to do it. Just be yourself.



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