Nine Years: The Pottery Anniversary


Today, I have been married to my beautiful wife for nine years. Long enough to have seen some tough times, but still far too short for my liking. And in the customary tradition of anniversary gifts, the ninth year is the pottery anniversary.

Here are a few things to know about pottery:

  • The art of making pottery is older than written history. There are ancient examples from every corner of the globe (also, I know that globes don’t have corners).
  • There’s a lot of work that goes into creating pottery. The clay must be shaped, the moisture must be removed, and the pottery must pass through intense heat in order to become strong enough to be useful.
  • Pottery lasts a super-long time. Remember earlier when I mentioned ancient examples? Those things are still around. Whatever you’ve heard about plastic taking a long time to break down in a landfill, it is nothing compared to pottery (PS – I have no idea of this is scientifically accurate, just go with me).

After learning these things, I think that pottery is the perfect gift for nine years of marriage.

  • Marriage is an ancient institution. Every culture has specific practices and ceremonies that surround the joining of two people together.
  • In order for a marriage to be successful, it takes work. Two people must abandon themselves into the union. They are shaped by the circumstances of life in all of its blessings and hardships. And if you’ve been married for nine years, then you will have passed through some fiery times, because those times are bound to come.
  • And if you can make it through the kiln of life’s hardships, your marriage is on track to last as long as you are.

I’m super thankful for my marriage. I’m thankful for the amazing woman who my wife is, for her hard work, for her love for our daughters, and for her commitment to God and to me (two very separate entities, I assure you).

I love you DeAnne Mosey! Happy Nine Years! Here’s to a millennia more!


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