I Am Going Back to Work: A Vacation Retrospective

My beautiful wife and I are returning to work today after a lovely week of vacation together. In past years, vacations have been thinly disguised project weeks where we stayed home and worked around the house. And while this year was another stay-cation, we did our best to do something fun as a family every single day.

Due to a blessing of timing, we started our vacation with my wife’s company’s summer party at Michigan’s Adventure Theme Park. The girls had a blast on the pint-size rides and in the water. I wasn’t sure if there would be much for them to do since they were too small for any of the big rides, but I think they both had a great time anyway.

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Though I didn’t get pictures of it, we also enjoyed some time at our local library, picking up reading material and some movies for the week. We went to story-time at the mall and the girls played in the play area and enjoyed an Auntie Anne’s pretzel. We watched The Lego Movie (Awesome!) and Kung Fu Panda (Ska-doosh!).

We hit up the local zoo on Wednesday.

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On Thursday night, we enjoyed the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum‘s discounted rate (from 5pm – 8pm, it only costs $1.50 per person as opposed to the usual $8.00 per person).

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Friday was for my wife and I, as we celebrated 9 years of marriage over pasta and outlet shopping (shopping at an outlet mall, not shopping for electrical outlets, although I’m sure that the latter would have been cheaper).

And to finished off the week, we had a wonderful picnic with my mom and her husband at a local park after church.

I couldn’t ask for a nicer time off. I can only ask that it happens again soon.

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