Being the Butt of My Own Dream Jokes

I’ve written about unpredictable dreams before, but they never cease to amuse me. Here’s one of the most recent:

I was with a large group of people visiting the zoo. Everyone with me was walking slowly, so I found myself a good way ahead of them on the path. That’s when I noticed the animal that was out of its cage.

1280px-Wolverine_on_rockIt was a wolverine, and it seemed angry.

Not wanting to face the beast alone, I decided to trek back to my group. Perhaps, I thought, if we all approach the wolverine together, our numbers will scare it back into its cage.

So I quickly warned everyone about the wild animal in the path ahead.

When we got a bit closer to where the wolverine was, I notice that I was mistaken about the beast’s identity. For what I though was a ravenous beast was a child’s remote control car that had been made to look like a wolverine.

Everyone made fun of me for being frightened of a remote control car. Then a mysterious old man looked at me and said something like, “I guess things look different depending on where you stand.”

That’s when I woke up.

It was a nice little dream, complete with a humorous twist and a moral. And what I love best is that I don’t think my waking mind could have come up with a story like that. Good stuff.

Now, I think I’ll lay down and see if I can get some more story ideas. Happy napping!


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