Happy Blasphemy Day!

Jesus does the Y-M-C-A

Jesus does the Y-M-C-A

Not familiar with Blasphemy Day? Don’t worry. It’s relatively new.

Though anti-religious sentiment has burbled across time, the celebration of a person’s right to express their anti-religious views was made to coincide with the anniversary of some satirical drawings of Muhammad in one of Denmark’s publications. Remember that? It was only nine years ago.

To my surprise, blasphemy is still on the law books in my state (Michigan) as a punishable offense. And that seems really strange to me, given that the United States has long been a haven for religious freedom (even freedom from religion) and free speech. So it goes.

“But Josh,” you say, “I thought you were a Christian. How can you support something like Blasphemy Day?”

Here are my thoughts:

  • It does not offend me when people attack my beliefs. They have the right to see things differently.
  • If people avoid specific topics of religious conversation for fear of retaliation, how will people ever get their questions answered?
  • I don’t need to fight God’s battles or tell God what needs to be done. He’ll deal with people as He sees fit.
  • I’ve often been ashamed of how people who call themselves Christians have treated other people in God’s name.

So do I then advocate that everyone start cursing their creator or spouting off blasphemous statements? No. But maybe we could use this day as a way to tear down the walls of the religious establishment and meet people where they are to talk without bias or fear of punishment about who they think is really in control in the world.

So get the hell out there and wish someone a Happy Blasphemy Day!

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