6 Reasons to Visit an Independent Bookstore Today


As a lover of books, I know that there are many ways to get new books. For the frugal, there are libraries. For the lazy, there’s online ordering. But for true book lovers, nothing beats an independent bookstore.

And here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Bookstores are staffed by book experts. If you need a recommendation for a book, there’s no replacement for a personal touch. Sure you can read the recommendations for books online, but if you have a relationship with someone who works in a bookstore, then you have someone who knows what you like and can put the right book in your hand.
  2. Money spent in an independent bookstore stays in your community. The employees live and work where you live and work. The money you spend on books makes it possible for them to buy groceries and home goods where you work.
  3. Amazon doesn’t have local book-signings with big name authors. Quick, go to the internet and shake someone’s hand. You can’t. There’s no replacement for an in-person experience.
  4. There is no shipping time needed when you can walk out with a book in your hand. Talk about fast!
  5. Bookstores allow you to browse more than the first chapter of a book. Find a comfy corner of the store (there are probably a lot of them) and read the entire book if you want to. No one’s going to stop you.
  6. Books bought at bookstores support publishers which make it possible for your favorite author to write your next favorite book (unless your favorite author is dead). If you’ve followed the battle between Amazon and Hachette at all, you know that Amazon wields a hugely disproportionate role in which books, authors, and publishers succeed and which ones fail. By cutting out the online giant, authors don’t have to worry about what will happen if their publisher has a dispute with Amazon. They can just write the books that you want to read.

Go support your independent bookstore today!

Don’t know where to find one? Check out Indiebound.org!

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