I am addicted to the donuts at Post Family Farm.

Sometimes, it just feels good to come out and admit something like that. If you’ve been to Post Family Farm in Hudsonville, Michigan, then you know what I’m talking about.

mosey_family_farmMy wife and I took the kids this past weekend to Post Family Farm. Our eldest went earlier in the week with her preschool class and they sent her home with a pumpkin and a coupon to come back. Since we haven’t been able to get to an apple orchard yet this year, we decided that this might be a fun autumn activity alternative, so we packed up our boots (because mud happens on the farm) and drove out.

We all had a great time. The only downside (aside from the cost of visiting on the weekend (serious, go during the week if you can)) was the weather, which was so nice that everyone brought their families out for a bit of fun. But the kids did well, even with the long lines, and enjoyed a ride on the barrel train, met a few farm animals, went on a hayride, and picked a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

We waited until the end of our trip to brave the line for the donuts. Everyone who has ever mentioned Post Family Farm has brought up their homemade pumpkin donuts as the main reason to visit. We weren’t about to miss out on something so legendary, even if we had to wait for a full half hour in line to get them.

I wish I had taken some pictures before we gobbled them up, but as soon as we had them in our hands, taking pictures was the last thing on our minds. Oh man. They were so good. Upon finishing our half-dozen, I immediately regretted that I hadn’t got the full dozen.

So if you are in the Hudsonville area and you want a bit of family entertainment (and  mind-blowing donuts), stop into Post Family Farm.


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