How Not To Make Major Life Decisions: 7 Strategies

I have quite a few friends at the moment who are at one crossroads or another. Should I get married? Should we have more kids? Should I find another job? Should I go back to school? And so on and so on.

So here are 7 helpful hints for how NOT to make those decisions:

  1. Flip a coin.
  2. Ask a chat-bot like Cleverbot.
  3. Make a list of Pros and Cons. Go with whichever option has fewer items listed.
  4. Ask a child. Bonus points if you don’t know the child. Also, don’t get arrested for being a weirdo who talks to strange children at the park.
  5. Whip out a Ouija board and consult with the demonic realm.
  6. Watch any movie and listen for the words “Yes” and “No”. If a character says “Yes” first, do it.
  7. Just choose the most expensive option. Now that currency is no longer tied to a precious metal standard, it is all make-believe anyway, right?

I hope this helps rule out a few methods for making those big calls. As to helpful advice for how to make the decisions, don’t ask me. I’ve always been one to flip a coin.


One response to “How Not To Make Major Life Decisions: 7 Strategies

  1. Haha … number 4 split my sides! 😀 Although truth be told, a coin flip does it for me sometimes. When I don’t like the option represented by the winning side then I know what to do. Weird.

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