Friday 5 | Click-worthy Links

Wireless Computer Mouse with Wheel

Here are 5 more places online worth checking out:

  1. In an instance of truth being stranger than fiction, an elderly hiker was saved from a mountain lion by a bear. Does that remind anyone else of the end of Jurassic Park?
  2. If you’ve given blood for fun or for profit, you know what a pain it is for phlebotomists who can’t find your vein. Enter science to the rescue!
  3. You’ve heard that a bowling ball would fall at the same speed as a feather in vacuum, right? Now you can see it for yourself.
  4. Good news, people! Aging will soon be a fad.
  5. Have you ever wished to be able to breathe underwater? I haven’t, because that is where fish live and I’m not a fan of fish. But other people wish that sometimes. Anyway, maybe we’ll be able to soon. 



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