Inherently Beautiful Words

I recently stumbled on this photo collection of Japanese clothing featuring words in English. It isn’t that strange to think that other cultures would like the look of our words. After all, there are plenty of Americans who have tattoos in Japanese, Chinese, even Hebrew, and I’m sure that not all of the tattoo-wearers know what their tattoos mean.

I think the truly interesting thing is why the manufacturers of these shirts chose these words specifically. After you remove any meaning or association from them, are words like “hamper” all that attractive? Perhaps. After all, it includes a variety of shapes within its letters. The “h” has that tall bit at the beginning. The “p” has the hangy-down part. And there are circles and loops and curvy parts all over the place.

mhfWIMX - Imgur

Great, now I just want to write the word “hamper”.

What is your favorite word to write, regardless of its meaning?


4 responses to “Inherently Beautiful Words

  1. Not sure I have a fave word just for its look, but I do love to write sentences, even in prose, that employ consonance, assonance, and symmetry, or that in some way mirror their subject (like lots of tall letters, l’s and t’s, while talking about sailboats or skyscrapers, or many round, low down, near the ground words for undulating fields of flowers). A line from my current WIP that has a lot of consonance and assonance is this one: “My handwriting is so bad that it’s a struggle to decipher every fifth word or so until about seven pages in when, like reading Shakespeare or listening to someone speak English in a heavy accent, I reacclimate myself to the cadence of my slanted cursive words.”

    Words are fun.

  2. I love to cursive write the word believe. The beauty of the loops, highs, and lows just make it wonder. And yes, I like the meaning too. It gives me hope.

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