10 things to do that aren’t shoveling the driveway.


If you live where it snows, you have my condolences. Pretty much all of the schools in the area were closed yesterday due to the amount of heavy snow that we got. And while I understand the value of going to work and earning a living, when the prerequisite for driving to work is shoveling many inches of snow off your driveway (just so you can avoid getting stuck in the yet-to-be-cleared road), actually showing up to your job seems a bit less important.

So here are some things you can do instead:

  1. Make hot cocoa. The good kind. The kind where you heat milk and real chocolate on the stove. Maybe add some mint and blow your mind with deliciousness. And don’t skimp on marshmallows. Do it right.
  2. Color a picture. Coloring is fun. Sometimes people forget about it, but I’m a huge fan of coloring.
  3. Read all of my blog posts. Every last one of them. Seriously, that would help me out a lot.
  4. Make a movie. With just about every phone and kitchen appliance having some kind of camera now, you might as well shoot a family movie. Who knows, you could upload it to YouTube and make millions of dollars or something.
  5. Write a letter. I’m quite fond of the letter “M”.
  6. Write a team story. This is where you start a story and someone else writes a line and passes it on. I’ve been doing this with my kids lately and they love it.
  7. Reminisce about life before there was a foot of snow (or more) on your driveway. How sweet life used to be.
  8. Clean your bathroom. Seriously. Have you seen the toilet lately? Gross.
  9. Read a book. A nice long one.
  10. Bake something. Apple crisp, cookies, some cinnamon rolls. Not only are these things tasty, but the oven will help heat your house. Nice bonus!
  11. Get your buns in some snow pants and shovel the driveway. What? I only said there were 10 things that weren’t shoveling the driveway. This is the 11th thing.

Sometimes, you can’t avoid responsibility. So maybe you should stop procrastinating and get out there.

And when you are done with yours, please come do mine.

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