An Open Letter to Potential Children’s Book Writers


Dear writer,

Good choice on deciding to write for kids! The written word can be a powerful influence in a child’s life. That’s why it is your responsibility to do it well.

Some people think that because kids books are short, often illustrated, and easy-to-read that they must be simple to write. I hope that you don’t think that this is true. If you do, you will probably find the truth to be uncomfortable.

The good news is there are some resources out there to help you on your journey. No one can walk it for you or write the book that lives inside of you, but there are some places online that can point you along the road to success. Whatever point you are at in your book-writing endeavor, take a look at the links below. Maybe you’ll find some answers to questions that you didn’t even know to ask.

  • Who Publishes Children’s Books? This link is simply a list of publishers that have (at one time or another) published books for kids. This list doesn’t seem to be super up-to-date though, so you may be better off going to a library and browsing the children’s book section to see which books catch your eye. If you see something similar to your book project, open the cover and write down the name of the publisher. Most publishers have submission guidelines on their websites.
  • How Do I Submit My Book for Publication? Once you are ready to submit a proposal (and this will need thorough research on its own), this link has some good advice for what to do and what not to do when sending things in to a publisher.
  • What Are Some Common Misconceptions about Writing Children’s Books? This link is just a good overview of some common myths about children’s books and the truths that combat them. Don’t let it discourage you. Let it make your writing better.

If you get a chance and are serious about getting your stories published, it is always a good idea to attend a writers’ conference or two and start rubbing elbows with other writers and publishers. The book business (like most businesses, I suppose) is largely driven  by relationships. It always helps to know the right people, though this will only get you a foot in the door. In order to get something published, it always comes down to the writing.

So get out there and write something great! You can do it.


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