I am new to Advent.

If you are not living in a hole in the ground, you are probably aware that the Christmas season is upon us. Maybe even if you live in a hole in the ground, a random Black Friday newspaper ad has blown into you subterranean abode to inform you about the amazing possibilities that happen when religion and capitalism get together. But, as we are occasionally reminded at the bookstore where I work, this is NOT the Christmas season.* Not really.

We are entering into Advent.

Having grown up in a branch of Protestant Christianity that did not regard Advent as worthy of mention, I have some catching up to do. Fortunately, I am not alone in my ignorance. The management at Baker Book House hires all kinds of people and a handful of us have no idea what is going on (aside from the fact that customers buy more purple candles than at any other time of the year). And this year, in order to bring us all into the light, our staff is going to celebrate Advent together.

UR1341 LightofLights1We meet for morning prayer already (at 9am if you’d like to join us), but for this season, we’re adding in an Advent reading from Light of Lights, an Advent devotional from Upper Room Books. And I’m finally going to figure out what all those purple candles are for!

And I’ve decided that my family is going to do Advent this year too. We’ll use the same book and I’ll look all experienced since it will still be fresh from the morning staff prayer time. So even though my nondenominational church doesn’t do a lot with Advent, my girls will know what the season is about.

Do you have any cool Advent-related memories? Please share in the comments!

*I was recently told by a clerk that after wishing a customer a Merry Christmas, the customer shot him eye-daggers and informed him that this is NOT Christmas. This was Advent. And to think that people get offended when you say “Happy Holidays”. Jeesh.

One thought on “I am new to Advent.

  1. I wouldn’t have done what your customer did, but I do love Advent and Lenten seasons. We learned about them while Uncle Mark was working at an Anglican Church. I hope you are enjoying this new experience and feeling some of the anticipation and upcoming from that first “Christmas” celebration. So excited for you all to add a new tradition.

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