Speak love to your spouse in the language of t-shirts

A few years ago, Baker Book House got a call from someone organizing a marriage retreat for their church. They asked whether we had any mugs that said “I love my wife,” and “I love my husband.” At the time, we didn’t. But the beauty of being an indie bookseller is that we don’t have a lot of red tape. We asked when they needed the mugs, then had them made up at a local print shop.

Seeing that there was a market for that sort of thing, we ordered more than we needed so we would have some stock to sell in the store. We also ordered t-shirts that matched the mugs. They all sold out pretty quick.

The following year, we noticed that a t-shirt company in our industry did a very similar exclusive design with the major Christian bookstore chain that was headquartered down the street from our shop. Coincidence? Probably not.

Anyway, after that initial printing, we got busy with other things (hosting big-name author events, completely renovating the bookstore, etc.) and we didn’t make time to design new “I love my spouse” shirts. But the demand never really died down. At least, I assume it hasn’t given that every time I wear my “I love my wife” shirt out in public, I get at least one or two positive comments on it. And the people always ask the same question. “Where did you get your shirt?”

Well, we made time this year and worked with another local print shop to make up some new shirts. I think they look pretty good!

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Even better, they are included in Baker Book House’s 12 Days of Christmas sale, which starts today. They retail at $13.99 each, but they are on sale for 2 for $20. Do you have someone on your Christmas list that could use these shirts? Call the bookstore at 616.957.3110 and get yours today!

Oh, we also have mugs, but they aren’t on sale at the moment. Still, they’d go well with the shirts, so you should probably get those too.



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