A Blogging First (and Hopefully Last)

I had a first with my blog last week. Since my first post back in April of 2012, I’ve consistently posted something new every weekday of every week. Somewhere along the timeline, I added in Saturday flash fiction posts.  But last week, I missed my self-imposed deadline, and did not post one day.

Looking at my blog stats, you probably can’t tell. In fact, I’ll post them here and let you guess which day it was.


To be honest, I forgot about writing a post. Normally, I write in the morning after my wife leaves for work (and before I do). But on the day that I missed, I had morning plans. Whenever that happens, I normally try to jot something down on my lunch or make a point to write in the evening after everyone goes to sleep. But on this day, I didn’t remember my missing blog post until nearly midnight (after I woke up to let the dog out) and by that time, I didn’t have the presence of mind to write something.

As it turns out, it may not have mattered to anyone but me. At least, if I am to judge by the amount of traffic the my blog got on that day.

Here’s the day I missed, in case you were curious.


Wednesday, December 10th. I had 218 views. More than the day before, far less than the spike from Thursday. It was roughly equal to the Friday links post after the spike.

So if my blog hits didn’t go down, does it matter if I post nearly everyday? Is it that big of a deal if I skip from time to time?

To be honest, it probably isn’t that big of a deal that I missed once. But it’s a bit like cheating on a diet. One cookie won’t make you gain back all your lost weight. But one cookie leads to two, and it gets easier to justify the next with each cookie you’ve eaten.

So I’m letting you hold me accountable for my posting schedule. Until I intentionally choose otherwise, I will post something new on everyday except Sunday. In turn, maybe you’d like me to hold you accountable for reading every post I write (just kidding, but that would seriously make my blog stats look awesome). No, the truth is that it matters less to me how many people read my blog than the fact that I’ve written something on that day.

In the future, my posting schedule may change. But when it does, it will be because I have chosen some other creative or important thing on which to spend my time. Most importantly, it won’t be because I forgot to write something.


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