Last Minute Shoppers Guide | 10 Items Available Now at Baker Book House

“Wait a second,” you say. “This isn’t the last minute. We still have more than a week until Christmas Day.”

That may be true, but I thought I’d get this guide out there while there’s still a possibility of having some of these items on the shelf. The dangerous thing about waiting until the very last minute to buy a gift is that someone else has already made off with the thing that you were going to buy. So why not be the person that buys it first?

Anyway, here are some ideas for the people on your Christmas lists. And all of these items are conveniently located at Baker Book House (where I work), just waiting for you to come in and get them.

For the children who can appreciate reusable playthings that don’t require batteries:

water_wow_melissa_and_dougThe Water Wow! activity books from Melissa & Doug are awesome. They come with a pen that holds water. To color the images, you just run the pen over the white pictures and the color shows up. When they dry, the boards return to white and you can do it all over again. My girls love theirs and they’ll be getting two new ones for this Christmas.

For fans of fantasy literature akin to the Chronicles of Narnia:


The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson is a surefire hit. I’m serious. I’d recommend this series to anyone who enjoys any type of reading, that’s how sure I am that you will like it.

For the lover of bad jokes in your family:


I don’t mean naughty jokes. I mean groaners. These books are full of them, but kids (and select adults) seem to love them all the same. In fact, they were the number one selling item on Amazon last year. Not just the number selling book, the number one selling item.

Also, these are included on the 12 Days of Christmas Sale at Baker Book House at 50% off their retail price.

For nostalgic grandparents of young children who value a bit of reading time together:


Did you know that Mercer Mayer has a series of Christian Little Critter books? They’re new. That’s right, new Mercer Mayer books.

By the way, these are also included on the 12 Days of Christmas Sale at Baker Book House as Buy 2, Get 2 Free.

For that couple that is either sickeningly cute together (like my wife and I) or that couple that needs the reminder that marriage can be good:


I love my spouse shirts! Also mugs. Win some brownie points this Christmas and pick these up.

These also happen to be included in Baker’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale as 2 for $20. Just saying.

For the college freshman or high school senior or person who has already worn through their copy of Mere Christianity:


What could be better for a person’s formative years of self-discovery than the wisdom of C.S. Lewis non-fiction books? And for those of you who claim to already own them, yes, you may have one copy of these books, but do you have two? Then you probably don’t have enough.

Also, these are 50% off at Baker Book House because of that sale I keep talking about.

For the person with ears and decent taste in music:


This is just a really great album. In fact, whenever my two-year-old daughter asks to listen to music in the car, what she is really asking for is the third track on this album. Over and over and over again. And you know what? I’m still not tired of it. It’s that good.

For anyone who appreciates a good Bible and wants to understand it in relation to world history:


This isn’t a new Bible. It’s been out for about seven years now. But it’s still my go-to choice when recommending a Bible for personal study. If you want to understand the text within the scope of its originally-intended audience, this is the Bible for you.

For people who are perpetually cold:


It’s a soft, warm blanket with Baker Book House’s logo on it! (Beautiful daughter not included)

And for anyone who appreciates ugly Christmas apparel:


Wear it to your next Christmas function! It’ll be a laugh riot. Anyway, just buy them so they aren’t sitting around my bookstore anymore.


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