The Newest Ghost in our House

It’s always a bit freaky when kids tell you that they are afraid of ghosts. I mean, did they just see one? Is my house haunted? Why haven’t I noticed anything before?

When our two-year-old told us the other night that she was afraid of the ghost in her room, she was pretty inconsolable. It took a while to figure out that she was remembering part of “The Lego Movie” and she was identifying her nightlight as a ghost now. The part in “The Lego Movie” wasn’t even that spooky. Certainly, it wasn’t enough to truly terrify a child, right?

Judge for yourself.

See? Not all that scary.

But try telling that to a screaming two-year-old. Reasoning with a frightened toddler just wasn’t working. No matter how many times we insisted that ghosts aren’t real and that she had never been frightened of her nightlight before, she just wasn’t having it.

So I tried a different approach. I went along with her. I told her that we should pretend that the nightlight is a ghost, but we were probably frightening it with all of our screaming. We should really just say goodnight to the ghost.

And that’s what we did. She laid down, let me cover her with blankets, and together we said “Goodnight ghost!”

No more screaming. Just sweet dreams.

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