Saturday Photo Prompt | Bring out yer dead!

jmspp_logoLook at the picture below and write a 100 word story. It really is that simple.

If you care to share, either post a link to your story in the comments, or post the whole story.

I can’t wait to see what you write!

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2 responses to “Saturday Photo Prompt | Bring out yer dead!

  1. A man, standing next to a beaten up trashcan, is finishing up placing bones into it. Suddenly, the roaring sound of a trash truck turns the corner between two buildings and heads towards the man next to the trashcan. The man, wearing a doctor’s outfit, places the last of his garbage when another man, wearing green overalls, and a yellow-blazing- jacket on top.
    The trash man has a grin on his face, indicating that he was in a joyful mood. He shouts, “BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!!!”
    The man in the doctor outfit looks at the trash man with disbelief. Could he not see him standing there, placing bones in the trashcan as they came up?
    “It’s 2 in the morning…” The doctor said.
    “So? BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!” The trash guy screams, jumping off the truck.
    “There’s literally, nobody out here! Stop yelling!” The doctor shouted, slamming the trash can lead on the trash can.
    “Oh really now? I’m just… BRING OUT YOUR DEAD” The trash man said a third time.

    This made the doctor furious. Looking for a quick out of his rage, he turned to the can, and kicked it with all his might. The lid went flying off, and spewed out of the can was all the bones, and trash all over the road. Furious, the doctor turned his back and began walking away as the trash man looked vigorously at the doctor.
    “Hey! Get back here old man!” The trash guy yelled, “You need to clean this stuff up!”

    The doctor turned his upper portion of his body, and flipped the trash man the bird. No sooner did the doctor see behind the trash man, the very skeleton he was placing in the trash can. The doctor fully turned around, and starred at the skeleton as it was reaching on the ground for his bones. He stood in shock, and disbelief as he watched the skeleton slowly movbe freely, without alerting the trash man.

    Tada… I don’t want ot go anymore, This is well beyond 100 words… SORRY

    (100 words)

    “Give me my dog!” screamed Jeremiah racing down the driveway.
    Black steam was pouring from the exhausts of the idling Mack. The sanitation engineer was tossing the last two refuse bags into the humming collector.

    “Ted, Stop!” Jeremiah cried. “Don’t pull on the leaver!”

    Ted finally glanced up.

    “Hi, Jeremiah”

    “Raymond is in the hopper!” Jeremiah’s voice was strained from screaming.

    Motioning for the shutting off of the hydraulics, Ted heard a frantic yelping.

    Opening the gate, Raymond immediately jumped into Jeremiah’s arms.

    With the hissing of the released air brakes, the monstrous truck was off for another feeding frenzy.

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